About Us

What We Offer – A Comprehensive Solution
We are developing our process at every stage and our constant interest to stay ahead in the business has given us the edge to create innovative procedures. Today we are one of the leading names in the induction hardening industry. Our strength is we offer customized solutions for our clients saving them energy, time and cost. We do not stop with just delivering products we also ensure that our products operate without any downtime. We are not satisfied until the customer is completely happy with our services.

We are here to customized solutions for your business. We services a wide spectrum of industries, we offer stand alone and fully integrated options. We do not stop with design, manufacturing and installing the products. We go a step further and ensure that the products are maintained, repaired and operated to the best use of your business. We also offer training and support programs for our clients. This can ensure minimal maintenance issues and enhance performance. Reducing downtime can improve output thereby churning out more profits.

Company Overview
We are international leaders in induction hardening and our main aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction. We offer full fledged induction hardening services to our clients. We provide outstanding customer service by promising and delivering superior quality. For us integrity is the key to our business growth. We act with integrity with our clients and within our employees too.

Our in house facility is world class. We manufacture most of our tooling needs in house based on our customer specification. We have all the backup facility to work on delivering precise processing to deliver efficiency in case of any downtime. We have a full fledge maintenance team that takes care of our hardware and software. These people ensure that we do not have any downtime. Our tools and machinery are always in great condition and this helps us to enhance our process and great a bonding with our customers.

Our equipments are designed by our engineers. Our induction heaters, work stations and scanners are created to perfection. Our heating equipment is a class apart and is responsible for creating products to our customer’s specifications. Our heating equipment provides accurate heat treatment that is vital in delivering the correct hardness. Our technology helps in providing consistent heating and cooling processes that helps in developing to tight tolerance levels of our customer’s needs.

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